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The most versatile collecting software available.


Utilize a range of pre-installed collection templates or organize your collection with a custom template using unlimited user-defined fields.  Add custom fields for dates, values, images, personal notations, inventory numbers – the possibilities are limitless!



Recollector doesn’t just store your data, it makes searching, sorting and backing up a breeze with a useful suite of collection database tools.  It's easy to upload existing spreadsheets, attach image files to your item records and export your collections to spreadsheets and custom reports.


Input your collection on your Mac or PC, then download the free Recollector App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet and view it on-the-go.  It’s the perfect reference tool for auctions, antique shows, or any place you need an easily accessible record of your collection.



Unlike bulky, old-fashioned database software, Recollector is designed with your collections in mind, no matter the size or subject.  Manage your collections with the most stable,  powerful and reliable software available.



Cataloging your collection with Recollector is as easy as filling out a form.  Plus, Recollector provides in-depth tutorials and personal support options.  It’s never been easier to start tracking your collection today!



From simple entries to cross-referenced hyperlinks and paginated reports, the range of options is broad enough to satisfy any collector. Enjoy a feature-rich interface that is designed to accommodate your preferences.


Only $49   Free trial available.

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