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Can I have more than one collection database?

Yes, you can set up as many different collection databases as you want. Recollector keeps track of each collection in a

separate file.

Is there a limit to the number of records in a collection?

No. There is no set limit to the number of records in a Recollector collection.

Is there a limit to the number of characters in a text field?

No. You can have as much text as you want in a single text field.

Are there any restrictions on the fields that I can add to my collection database?

Not really.  When you set up your first collection database, we encourage you to start with one of the sample templates.  These include a set of basic fields to get you started, but from there you can add, delete and edit fields as you see fit.  The only restrictions regarding fields are the following:

  • Your collection must have an ID# field

  • Each field must be selected from one of the eight provided data types.

  • Each field must be named, and field names must be distinct.

Can I modify the fields in my collection after I have added data records?

Yes. The fields in your collection database can be modified at any time using the Modify Fields or Image Directory option from the Edit menu of the collection window. The Modify Fields dialog lets you change your field definitions: You can add, rename, change type, or delete fields.  You can also change a collection’s name at any time and modify currency or dimension units as you see fit.

​Can I move my collection to a different location or to a different computer?

Yes.  Recollector’s Backup and Copy capabilities allow your collection to be moved with all images and data intact. Read about moving Recollector and your collection database to a new computer.

Will my collection be lost when I upgrade to the next version of Recollector?

No. When you upgrade to the latest version of Recollector, nothing is changed with regard to your collection.

Can I store my collection data in the cloud?

Yes. Though your collection data is, by default, stored on your hard disk, you can choose, instead, to store your collection data in the cloud. Read about putting your Recollector data in the cloud.


Can I run Recollector as a non-admin user under Windows?

Yes, but you may need to do a bit of additional set-up first. (Otherwise the program may revert to Demo Mode even after you have entered your license key.)  Read the instructions for running Recollector as a non-admin user on Windows.

See the full version of the Recollector FAQ list.


Check out the training videos that guide you through the use of many of Recollector's key features.

For detailed instructions, please view the Recollector online User's Guide for Mac OS X or MS/Windows.

Still stuck?  Contact us at or 617-682-0339 for assistance.

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